Luxe Glam

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This home was custom-built for its previous owners and was in need of personalization for the client. Accordingly, the Interior Perfection team performed a minor facelift of the entire space. There was a focus on creating an open, minimalistic atmosphere surrounded by windows so the client and guests may share the seasons in luxury. As a VIP client of 24 years, Kennon enjoyed working on this home and seeing how the client’s taste had changed since the last project, which was more traditional.
interior perfection luxe glam moodboard
Interior Perfection Luxe Glam mirror sculpture

Beauty & Comfort

Incorporating elements of modern glamour into this refreshing remodel, the design is a combination of sheer elegance and sophistication paired with layers of tone-on-tone textures. Chrome and glass play with reclaimed wood while white-on-white themes create a feeling of understated calm. Touches of crystal in all the lighting elements provide a timeless class to the living spaces.

Modern Elegance

interior perfection luxe glam dining table

Timeless Refresh

The Interior Perfection team changed out the light feature above the island, but the striking centerpiece of the dining room is the table: a slab of black walnut cut and crafted in Anamosa from a 150-year-old tree on a local farm.

Interior Perfection Luxe Glam dinning table detail
Interior Perfection Luxe Glam kitchen and dinning room
interior perfection luxe glam bedroom

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