Why Hire a Professional?

Professional Assessment. A professional designer aides you in making your homes stylish, yet comfortable, polished yet functional and help make your house a home. They will create a solid plan of action and give you an assessment of your project. A designer has a trained eye to look at and plan rooms based on the principles of design.  Those principles include: Scale and Proportion, Balance, Rhythm, Emphasis and Harmony. In addition, their focus also lies in the elements of design: space, line, shape and mass, texture, light, color and pattern. Your designer will take their knowledge and create spaces that are visibly and thoughtfully comfortable, and well as alluring and practical.


Budgeting. One stigma is that having an interior designer is only for the super-wealthy and that is not the case. Utilizing a design professional can actually save you money in the long run. Many clients shared that working with a designer proved to be less expensive than trying to do it all on their own. Your designer will keep you in check on your budget, keep your project on a timely schedule and help prevent expensive mistakes.

Advocate. Another valuable thing your designer brings to the table is acting as liaison between you and your architect or builder. Having a designer, even in the earliest stages, helps avoid missed design elements in your overall plan. Your trained designer thinks about items that you may have overlooked, such as lighting and furniture needs to be addressed prior to construction — an example being that lighting design is key on placement hinging on where the furniture is placed for the most optimal functionality.


Resources. Relationships and connections are vast in your designers network. This alone gives you access to resources the general public will find unavailable. There is a huge variety and selection of materials, furnishings, fabrics and accessories that are ‘to the trade only’, meaning your designer is the only person you need to get the unique flair you are looking for. In addition, your designer has connections with trade professionals like plumbers, cabinet makers, electricians and painters. By pulling all their resources, your designer can help make your space more collected, unique and complete.

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